Girly Films For A Hen Party

popcorn and red carpet in movies

More women than ever before are opting for a casual girls night in for their hen do – an opportunity to get together with their mates to crack open the prosecco, dig into the popcorn and have a good laugh (or a good cry) at a girly movie. If you’re looking for chick flick inspiration, dig out the bottle opener, dish out the snacks and try one of these classics.

Dirty Dancing

dirty dancing filmWhat could be better than all the girls sitting down to ogle Patrick Swayze getting down to a bit of dirty dancing? Learn some moves yourselves, or dress up the bride to be in Baby’s iconic pink dress!


bridesmaidsWhat could be more appropriate for a hen night than a film that centres around the organisation of a hen weekend? This hilarious film is full of crazy antics that are sure to have you all in hysterics – but will you recognise yourselves in any of the characters?

Mamma Mia

mamma miaGet your hen weekend off to the perfect start with an all singing, all dancing classic! Based on some of Abba’s most famous songs, you’ll all be joining in with numbers like Dancing Queen, Money Money Money and Super Trouper. With a storyline involving a girl arranging her wedding on an exotic Greek island, this is a truly appropriate choice for the bride to be, and you can all toast the lucky lady as she says “I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do!”

Sex And The City 2

sex and the city 2Romantic comedies are a great choice for a girly night in, and this one is just perfect. Glamorous, sophisticated and stylish – we can all aspire to be these girls as they go about their dramatic lives. Following on from the hit TV show, this movie sees Samantha struggling with her hormones, Miranda quitting her job and Charlotte struggling to cope with her kids – enjoy some escapism from your everyday life!

Bride Wars

bride warsThis 2009 movie has to be the ultimate must-watch movie for a hen night. Telling the tale of two friends who are waiting impatiently for their boyfriends to pop the question, and then exploring the drama and conflict that ensues once the wedding preparations start, you’re all sure to identify with the situations and it’ll give you plenty to laugh about.

27 Dresses

27 dresses filmEvery bride is obsessed with her wedding, so carry on the theme with 27 Dresses, a movie about a woman who can’t get enough of them. Catherine Heigl plays Jane, a wedding obsessed woman who has attended no less than 27 weddings in her quest to find her perfect partner. Exploring her relationship with her sister and also starring the gorgeous James Marseden, you can laugh and ogle in equal measure.

The Wedding Date

the wedding dateIf you love movies with an amazing ending, The Wedding Date is the one for you. With its quirky and girly humour and plenty of drama, this film tells the tale of a woman who pays a male escort to pretend to be her date for her sister’s wedding – as you can imagine, hilarity ensues, but make sure the tissues are at the ready for the finale!



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