Little extras that will make the hen party better

Hen parties are always a lot of fun, however if you really want your event to go with a swing there are several things you can add to ensure that you and your guests all have an even more amazing time. If you’re looking for some inspiration for ways to make the occasion even better, read on and get some great ideas.

Party Bags

party bags pinkWhether you decide to give every guest their own special party bag or just create one for the Bride To Be, choosing a theme such as luxurious pampering, glittering sparkles, or naughty gifts is a great way to add more fun to the occasion.

Party Cakes

naughty hen party cakeWe have cakes to celebrate all of the other major occasions in life, so what could be better than having a specially made hen party cake to celebrate the big event? Choose something that really suits the hen’s tastes, whether that be flower-decorated cupcakes or a delicious chocolate cake with a themed topper.

Photo Gallery

hanging photographiesDecorate your venue with lots of photographs of the hen throughout the years. Find fun snaps from her childhood, teenage pictures with dodgy haircuts and captured embarrassing moments for her to laugh about. See if you can find a photo of her with each of your invited guests for an even more personal touch. There are lots of ways in which you can incorporate the images into your décor. Why not turn them into bunting, place mats or even turn it into a game?

Memory Book

memory bookOne of the best and most touching additions to any hen party is a memory book signed by all of the hen’s closest friends and family. Before the event, ask all of the most special people in her life to contribute something to the book such as a story, note, poem, photo or personal message and then stick it all into a pretty scrapbook that she can keep as a permanent reminder.

Dinner Table Decoration

hen party pink table decorationsTurn dinner into a really fun occasion by decorating your dining table in true hen style. Funny hats, masks, streamers, crackers, party poppers, rude straws or personalised placements – these are all great suggestions to get your party off to the perfect start.

Hen Do Cameras

single use camerasMake sure that the bride to be has a lasting memento of her hen do by buying a couple of single use cameras and bringing them along on your big night out. Whether you’re jetting off abroad, going paintballing, seeing a strip show or simply clubbing at your local nightspot, you can take it in turns to capture memorable images throughout the occasion so that when the photos are developed she’ll have a helpful reminder of everything that she got up to!

These are just some of the great ideas that you can take on board when you are organising a hen party for your friend, sister or relative. Remember, creativity is the key, so make it fun and memorable, and you’re all sure to have an an amazing time.

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