Top Hen Do Accessories, Decorations & Supplies – From Party Bags To Balloons

When planning a hen do, all of the activities, games and little details must be well thought out. But what about accessories? There are so many of hen party accessories available for your night. But which of them should you choose? Here are the TOP3 accessories that you can’t do without. They’ll make your night more special, exciting and will guarantee that everyone in the club will see you as you walk in.


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#1 Sashes

What is a hen night without those sashes that everyone loves so much? Sashes are traditional party accessories that you can’t do without. You can get the sashes in any colour, size and type you want. You can even make your own personalised sashes that will help everyone tell if you’re the bride-to-be, bridesmaid, maid of honour or mother of the bride. This girly accessory will let everyone know it’s your night wherever you go.

#2 Party bags

How can a party accessory make you not only look better but also make your night more interesting? EASY! Hen gift bags will help you have the night of your life. You can get a bag for each guest and fill it with things that they’ll need during the night. You can put anything you want in the party gift bags – from willy shaped toothbrushes to lipstick and little bottles of booze. To make it even easier you can order personalised filled hen party bags (you’ll need to choose the fillings from a list of items offered). You can never go wrong with the gift bags – they’ll be whether useful or hilarious.

#3 T-shirts

Make your own personalised party T-shirts. Choose whatever type, size and colour shirt you want and start creating your own. You can make matching T-shirts for all of your girls. Make sure to have a special T-shirt for the bride because, you know, she’s the star of the party. T-shirts are one of the most popular hen do accessories that help your group of friends look beautiful and matching anywhere you go.


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This is one little hen do accessory that you may want to get for your party. If the sashes seem too big of an accessory for you, try out these little, fun badges of all kinds. It can say whatever you want it to say – ‘bridesmaid’, adjective that describes you the best or simply a badge that says ‘hen do party’. You can get these badges in any colour you want. And the best thing is that if you can’t find the badge that will suit you and your bridesmaids the best, you can always make your own right here online.


Whatever you wear on your night out, you can always find a headwear accessory that will go perfect with your outfit. If you decide to make your night in devils and angels theme, the devils horns and halos will be the perfect headwear for you. You can also make your look more effective with wigs, hats, tiaras, boppers and veils. We’re sure you’ll find a headwear that will go great with your outfit.


It doesn’t matter whether you host a party at your place or celebrate it out in the club, you should have your drinking glasses with you. If you’ve decided to play a fun drinking game, these glasses will make your game even more interesting and they’ll look cute and fancy as well. Doesn’t matter what drink you’ll be having, you can order wine, champagne, shot and other glasses. You can even get a simply pink disposal cups if carrying a glass all night seems too cumbersome for you.


If you’re going to drink at a party, make the drinking process more enjoyable and hilarious with all kinds of drinking straws. You can get almost any kind of straw that you can think of – from willy and heart shaped straws to straws that glow in the dark. Choose the ones that suit you the best.


Who doesn’t love a well decorated party? The easiest way to make any room look good for a party is decorating it with balloons. Doesn’t matter the theme or location, you can find a balloon that will look perfect at YOUR party. All kinds of shape, size and colour balloons will make it easier for you to decorate your place. If you’re going out and have no need for other hen party decorations, tie a balloon around Brides-to-Be hand. This way you’ll never lose her at a club.


L plate is now a classic symbol of a hen party. There is not just one L plate to offer for the hens, with variety of L plates now, you’ll find the one that’s right just for you. Add a girly touch with a fluffy pink L plate or Let everyone spot you with a flashing red (or any other colour) L plate.


Be whatever you want for the weekend. Choose the right hen do accessories and costumes and you’re good to go. Doesn’t matter who you want to be for this special night – here you’ll find it all. From a fluffy dog costume that will make you look cute and funny to a sexy cheerleader outfit, the choice is yours. Choose a costume that suits your party theme the best and get this party started.


There is no doubt that the invitations is one of the most important part of the hen do planning. Pink, yellow, red, with sparkles or glitter- you choose the invitations that describe your party the best. You can even put the brides’ or the persons’ you’re inviting picture on the invitation to make it look more personal. Be creative!



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