Hen Party Games, Challenges & Quizzes for a perfect Night

Looking for fun and hilarious games to play at your hen party? Choosing the right hen party games will help everyone to open up and engage in the activities better. To make it easier for yourself, you can choose from the hen do games that we have listed below. 

mr and mrs questions


There is no doubt that one of the most popular hen party games is the Mr and Mrs questions. This is a really fun hen do game that everyone should include at their hen night. How is it played? It’s simple. Choose 15 to 20 questions about the groom, bride, their relationship, likes and dislikes and ask them to the husband to be. To make this Mr and Mrs game more interesting and personal, you can record him answering the questions. Make sure to start planning this hen party game early enough so you have all the answers by the hen night. Read more

penis pinata gamePENIS PIÑATA

Bring fun and laughter at your hen do with penis piñata game. Fill it with candy, condoms, lingerie and let the fun of smacking a penis piñata begin. Each one of the girls get to hit the piñata with a bat while blindfolded. This is a perfect hen party favour that every hen needs at their last night of freedom. This hilarious game will guarantee that all of your girls will be entertained and laughing to the fullest.

pin the junk on the hunk PIN THE JUNK ON THE HUNK

This is also one of the most hilarious hen games. Blindfold the bride, put the poster on the wall and let the fun begin. The goal is to pin the junk in the right place… but it’s not so easy once you’re blindfolded. This is a game that everyone can get involved into. It offers enough ‘junk’ for every type of woman. The one that pins the junk on the hunk wins. If no one can manage to be that accurate, then the winner is the one that pins it the closest. Make sure to have a little gift for the winner to make this game even more interesting.

hen party bingoHEN PARTY BINGO

This game is a must-play for hen parties out in the city. It will guarantee you lots of fun and laughter. Hen party bingo is a game with tasks and dares that bride-to-be has to complete with help of her girls. It is kind of similar to ‘Truth or dare’, but without the truth. And you don’t have to think of the tasks and dares yourself, because you have all the most interesting and fun tasks printed out on your bingo sheet. When the bride gets a BINGO (a line of 5 in a row – horizontally, vertically or diagonally), you can reward her with a little prize.

truth or dareTRUTH OR DARE

Once you’ve had a few drinks, this game will start getting interesting. Everyone has probably played Truth or Dare at least once in their childhood, but playing it as an adult is a next-level thing (especially at a hen do). The Truths are bigger and the Dares are more embarrassing. It’s easy – each one of your girls has to choose whether she tells the truth to a question one of you asks her or she has to do a dare that you tell her to do. If she picks the truth, it may be your chance to finally get the answer to the question you’ve always wanted to ask. But if she picks dare – oh boy… You can make her do anything from kissing a bartender to dancing on a table at the club, you name it.

hen party twisterTWISTER

Want to make a home hen do exciting and more active? Include a twister game! This game will make you stretch, bend and flex for the win. For grown ups’ this game will be just as fun as it is for the kids. Besides, this could actually be a good ice-breaker to help everyone open up. And to make the twister game more interesting, you can make every lady that can’t stand no more take a shot. And get a little gift for the winner to make the game more competitive.

scavenger hunt (1)SCAVENGER HUNT

 Scavenger hunt will be fun to play at any occasion. This is a game in which you have to collect a number of miscellaneous objects. It can be anything – a selfie with the grooms lookalike, a pair of panties or a piece of mans’ clothing. Usually this game is played in a town or city giving you the needed space and making this game more adventurous. You simply have to split your group into teams and each team has to get all the objects listed. The team that gets everything done and gets to the finish line first, wins. The finish line can be the place where you started, a bar or anywhere else, you name it. Make sure to reward winners with a small prize or make the losing team pay for the winning teams drinks.

Note: This game works best for large groups.

promise bagPROMISE BAG

This is a simple and cute hen party game that everyone will love. It fits all age groups and can be played anywhere. All you’ll need is a pen and a piece of paper for each quest and a bag where to put all the promises. It’s simple to play – each guest has to write down a promise and put it in the bag. It can be either a funny, cute or a naughty promise. The more interesting, the better. After that the bride has to promise to do all of those things in the marriage.

popping_balloonPOP THE BALLOON

This is a hen party game which you can choose to make hilarious, naughty or super embarrassing. At first you’ll have to come up with dares that you’ll write down on a piece of paper. Then put the dares into the balloons and make each girl pick a balloon. After everyone has picked a balloon, make the girls pop them and see the dares. To make the popping more interesting, make the hens pop the balloons with their bums while their sitting on them. Each girl has to do her dare that night. If someone can’t do their dare, make them take a shot, call a round of drinks or do a forfeit.

emberrasing dateEMBARRASSING DATES

This will be a great hen party game to play between the dinner and the dessert. Once you have all your girls sitting around the table, hand out a notecard and a pen for each one of them. We all have been to great and awful dates and now will be the time to lough at the worst ones with your girls. Everyone has to write down an embarrassing story that they’ve had on a date and hand the notes to the bride. Then the bride will have to guess what happened to which person. Believe me, you will all be laughing out loud at these hilariously embarrassing date stories.

 polish or pornPOLISH OR PORN

 This is a game that all your hens will love! It’s naughty and most importantly – hilarious. All you have to do is make list of adult movie titles and nail polish colour names (don’t tell them which one is the movie and which is the nail polish). Make your girls guess which one is which. You’ll be surprised how many nail polish names actually sound like an adult movie titles. The naughtier polish names, the better! Girl that guesses most of them correctly wins. Make sure to award the winner with a little bottles of nail polish to stick with the theme.

happily ever after gameHAPPILY EVER AFTER

 Simple and cute – these are the words that describe this hen do game the best. The goal is to find as many married guys as possible in one night and get them to give the bride a tip to a happy marriage. The bride-to-be has to write the tips down to refer to them later. These tips can be useful not only for the bride, but also for the hubby-to-be.

hand bag gameHANDBAG GAME

If you’ve complete forgotten to plan games and activities for the hen night – this will be your savior. This game doesn’t need any preparation. All you’ll need to do is ask each girl to get one thing from her purse that she thinks describes her the best. Then put all the things together in one bag and give them to the bride. She will have to guess which thing belongs to which person. To make it more interesting you can make the bride take a shot for every wrong answer. But with every answer that she gets right everyone else has to drink.

Question-Mark-710x400EITHER OR GAME

 Does the bride think she knows the groom perfectly? This game can prove her wrong if Mr and Mrs questions didn’t manage to do that. Yes, you’ll need a little preparation for this hen do game, but we guarantee it’s worth it. At first you ask the groom the questions and write his answers down. At the hen party make the bride guess what did the groom answer to these questions. You can make your own questions or pick the ones that we have chosen.

  1. Coffee or tea?
  2. Chinese or Italian?
  3. Chocolate or vanilla?
  4. Blonde or brunette?
  5. Hugs or kisses?
  6. Hunting or fishing?
  7. Winter or summer?
  8. Spring or fall?
  9. Tan or pale?
  10. Ice cream or yogurt?
  11. Ketchup or mustard?
  12. Silver or gold?
  13. Wine or beer?
  14. Baseball or basketball?
  15. Facial hair or clean shaven?
  16. Skiing or snowboarding?
  17. Fruit or vegetables?
  18. Dark chocolate or white chocolate?
  19. Tattoos or piercings?
  20. Antique or brand new?
  21. Cats or dogs?
  22. Pancakes or waffles?
  23. Numbers or letters?
  24. Star Wars or Star Trek?
  25. Money or fame?
  26. Washing dishes or doing laundry?
  27. Glasses or contacts?
  28. Classic or modern?
  29. Call or text?
  30. Curly hair or straight hair?
  31. Shower in the morning or shower in the evening?
  32. Sky dive or bungee jump?
  33. Truth or dare?
  34. Roller coaster or Ferris wheel?
  35. Leather or denim?
  36. Raisins or nuts?
  37. Picnic or nice restaurant?
  38. Long hair or short hair?
  39. Smoking or non-smoking?
  40. Asking questions or answering questions?
  41. Nike or Adidas?
  42. Waxed or shaved?
  43. Angelina Jolie or Beyoncé?
  44. Sneakers or high heels?
  45. Town or country?
  46. Blow-jobs or hand-jobs?
  47. Batman or Spiderman?
  48. Playstation or X-Box?
  49. McDonalds or Burger King?
  50. Home or abroad?

guess the pantiesGUESS THE PANTIES

Another hen party classic is ‘guess the panties’ game. It’s a little naughty and very fun to play. All you have to do is ask each girl to bring a pair of panties that describe them the best. It can be a sexy thong, panties with animals or cartoon characters drawn on them. At the hen party you must collect all panties and put them in a bag. The bride has to pull them out from a bag one by one and guess which girl brought which panties. And of course, this is also one of the hen night games that you can make as a drinking game – for every wrong guess the bride takes a shot and for every right guess everyone else takes a shot. Just don’t forget to bring the panties in brides’ size so she can keep them. Every time she wears the panties, she’ll remember how much fun you all had that night.


Separate your hen party guests into groups. Each group has 15 minutes to make a wedding dress out of toilet paper. For this game you’ll need lots of toilet paper and a sticky tape. At the end of those fifteen minutes make each group demonstrate their wedding dress in a fashion show. The bride then has to decide which team has the most beautiful wedding dress and the best show. You can also play this game a little differently and let all the girls design a wedding dress for the bride-to-be.

find the guyFIND MY MAN

All of your girls will love this game (especially the singe ones). It’s easy to play and you won’t need a lot of preparation for it. All you’ll need to do is create playing cards with different kind of men types written on them. It can be a bald man, man with glasses, man wearing a suit, tattooed guy etc. Before heading out for the hen night give each girl at least 3 cards. The men whose descriptions are on the cards are their matches. They must find these guys and take a picture with them as a proof. The girl that finds all of her men first is the winner. Make sure to have a little gift for the winner (it can be a drink, pair of panties or a lipstick).

boyfriend gameMY NAKED BOYFRIEND

If the bride-to-be is daring and loves challenges, this is the game for her. If you’re heading out in the city for your hen do, get a blow up male doll and handcuffs. The rules are simple – handcuff the doll to the bride-to-be. She’ll have to go and ask men to take off their clothing for her to cover up her ‘boyfriends’ nudity. The goal is to dress the naked doll from top to bottom. It’s cheeky and naughty, you’ll love this game. Let’s see how many men will be willing to take their clothes off for the bride-to-be. This game is better played at night in pubs and clubs (there’s a bigger chance that the men will take their clothes off).

master sculptorMASTER SCULPTOR

Start your hen party with this fun ice-breaking game. If you’re starting your hen do off with a dinner or lunch where you have all your girls sitting around the table, then this is a game you MUST play. Give each guest a piece of play doh and set the timer for 60 seconds. Each girl has to make the best willy she can in 60 seconds. The bride then picks the best and the winner gets a drink. We guarantee you that after this game you’ll have your girls giggling and opening up faster.

the mote gameTHE NOTE GAME

It’s nice to remember the good old days and the fun you had when you were single and younger. This game will help you go thru the most embarrassing, fun and exciting memories you shared with your friends and bridesmaids. A piece of paper is given to each guest at the party. Everyone has to write down ONE LINE that gives a hint to a memory that they’ve shared with the bride. All the notes must be collected and put in a hat, bag or a box. Then the bride-to-be has to take the notes one by one and read them out loud. She’ll have to and guess who wrote it and tell the story behind the line to everyone.

Picked your favourite hen party games? Choose the perfect hen party destination, send out invitations, get your outfit for the night and you’re ready to go! If you follow these easy steps on hen party planning, you can’t go wrong. For more interesting hen party check out the best ready-made packages for the perfect hen do.



  1. These games are so fun! Especially the naked boyfriend one. So funny & interesting. Thanks for the ideas. 🙂


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