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hen party planningIt’s your honour to be the hen party planner? We can help you make this hen party planning less stressful and more enjoyable. Yes, you have probably got loads of questions… What to do? Where to go? What activities to include? Who to invite? When is the best time to plan a hen night? Now sit back and relax, we’ve got all the answers.

Looking for the hen planner that will make your party an unforgettable blast?  


Now this is something you have to think about. Think about all of the bridesmaids, closest co-workers, school and university friends, brides’ closest childhood friends, her mother and mother-in-law (it depends on how close they are), sisters, cousins and other relatives. But remember – don’t go overboard with inviting people. You don’t want to end up in a room full of guests that don’t even know the bride so well. So before sending out the invitations, make sure that your guest list gets confirmed by the bride. But, of course, if it seems too hard for you to figure out it on your own, don’t be shy to ask the bride who she wants to see on her hen party.


If you are the one that is trusted with organising this special day, you must be really close with the bride-to-be. That’s why weekend planning activities for the hen do shouldn’t be so hard for you. Anyhow, you must know the bride at least a little to know what kind of activities to include. Is she adventurous? Does she like sports or prefers clubbing? There is a huge list of hen do activities and games to include. But don’t forget one thing – if there is going to be all age groups, make sure to find an activity that suits all. But if that doesn’t work, you can always throw two hen dos – pampering and tea party in the day time with grandmas and aunties, and going to a club at night with the bridesmaids and closest friends.

hen party activities


When? That’s a good question you may ask. We would recommend throwing a hen party 4-5 weeks before the wedding. It will help you and the guests to cover both events… Because let’s be honest – going abroad for a hen weekend and buying wedding gifts the week after isn’t so affordable for most people. And think about the stress the bride must go thru… We bet she would like a little time between these events too.

Remember – inform everyone about the upcoming hen night early enough so people can take time off work, university or organise a babysitter for the night. Don’t do it the last minute!


Who’s going to cover them all? It depends on what you are doing and where you’re going for the hen night. If it’s nothing much – just a simple cocktail party, it’s ok for you to pay for the drinks (yet it is your own choice). But if it’s a trip abroad that includes more activities and staying at a hotel – normally everyone should pay for themselves. You can call a round of drinks at a bar at night if you want to. Also you must arrange with other girlies – are you all going to cover for the bride or is she going to do it herself. Do not forget to let the guests know early enough about the costs of the hen weekend. You want everyone to be able to come, right?


Everyone that has ever thrown a hen party will agree that it’s no easy job. There’s a lot of places that offer you ready, all set party packages for hen weekends that will save you a lot of stress and nerves. They offer hen weekends abroad, in the UK, Vegas nights and anything you can imagine. But if you still want to do it on your own from A to Z, you might need help. And don’t be shy to admit that you can’t do it all on your own. Start with dividing tasks – it’s no doubt that you are still going to be in the charge of most important things like bookings and planning the main activities, but you can also assign some of the small tasks for the bridesmaids to do. It will make everything easier for you and they probably will be happy that they got involved, even if it’s just a little bit.


When planning a hen do, it’s very important that everyone comes. So be realistic and flexible, choose a location that suits all. Don’t plan a party so far that even getting there takes the whole day. Even if you decide to celebrate the last night of freedom abroad – there are so many destinations that are just a few hours away. You don’t want the guests to get tired on the flight and not wanting to do much when you finally arrive at your party destination. Also it’s very important that you collaborate with other guests when planning where to go – ask them their opinion and ideas on the location. But remember – you are in charge and it’s your decision in the end.



But what would I wear? Now that’s a question that every female asks herself each day. Make it at least a little bit easier for the guests of the hen do – inform them whether to bring bathing suits, cocktail dresses or simple jeans. It would be pretty awkward if they all came wearing dresses and high heels for a bike ride, wouldn’t it? So make sure that doesn’t happen.


Not always everything is going to go according to plan. If you see that everyone is having fun just gossiping and laughing, there’s no need to jump to the next activity just because you planned so. Make the day interesting, but not too filled with activities that the guests won’t even manage to enjoy because of the rush you are all into.


Now this is the most important task of all. Don’t stress and don’t worry too much. If you do that, other guests will start feeling uncomfortable. If you started planning this hen weekend early enough, then it must all be thought of. And if so – you can just sit back, relax and have fun. After all you deserve it!

girls having fun

Yes, the party planning is a lot of work and it can also be stressful at times. But in the end it is all worth it, isn’t it? Seeing the girls laughing, enjoying the drinks and having fun – that is the best reward of all.

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