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mr and mrs quiz questionsThere is no doubt that one of the most popular hen party games is the Mr and Mrs quiz. This is a really fun hen do game that everyone should include at their hen night.cta button


It’s simple. Choose 15 to 20 questions about the groom, bride, their relationship, likes and dislikes and ask them to the husband to be. To make this Mr and Mrs game more interesting and personal, you can record him answering the questions.

Make sure to start planning this hen party game early enough so you have all the answers by the hen night when you’ll be asking the same questions to the bride to be. After every answer that the bride gives, play the grooms answer to see if it’s correct. This hen party game will guarantee you lots of fun and laughter.

If you want to, you can always make it a drinking hen party game – this way you’ll be playing a fun game and warming up for the night at the same time. It’s easy – after every wrong answer that the bride gives, make her take a shot. But after every right answer – make everyone else take a shot.

Just be careful with choosing the questions for the Mr and Mrs quiz – don’t go too intimate or too personal with the questions. To make this easier for you, we have selected TOP questions for the Mr and Mrs game. Make sure to include all types of questions, not only the basic ones about their first kiss and dates, but also the rude and funny ones that everyone will be dying to hear answers for.

happy couple

  • What were your first impressions of him/her?
  • What is his/her favourite thing about you?
  • What was the best present he/she ever gave you?
  • Where did you first kiss?
  • What colour are his/her eyes?
  • How many children does he/she want?
  • What was his/her first job?
  • What’s the one thing, apart from you, that he/she would save in a fire?
  • What three words would you use to describe your partner?
  • What three words would they use to describe you?
  • Who is his/her celebrity crush?
  • What are your pet names for each other?
  • What’s the first movie you ever saw together?
  • What year did you get together?
  • What is his/her shoe size?
  • What’s the first thing he/she does in the morning?
  • What’s your favourite part of his/her body?
  • Who would play her and him in a movie of your life?
  • What are you most likely to argue about?
  • What is he/she most scared of?
  • Where did you go for your first date?
  • What would be his/her dream date?
  • What is his/her proudest moment?
  • What’s his/her favourite time of year?
  • What is his/her favourite flavour of crisps?
  • How do you like to fall asleep? Cuddling or apart?
  • What’s his/her absolute favourite meal?
  • When did you first say ‘I love you’?
  • Where in the world do you most want to visit?
  • Name all his/her cousins
  • How does your partner like their eggs/tea/coffee?
  • If he/she could have lunch with anyone who would it be?
  • Who does the most cooking in the house?
  • What’s his/her favourite cocktail?
  • What is the name of his/her first boyfriend/girlfriend?
  • How old was he/she when he/she had the first kiss?
  • What is his/her favourite genre of music?
  • Where does he/she want to go on honeymoon?
  • What were his exact words when he proposed?
  • What is his/her favourite colour?
  • What is his/her favourite restaurant?
  • What is the most romantic thing he/she has done for you?
  • What was his/her first pet? And its name.
  • What’s his/her favourite film?
  • What’s his/her dream car?
  • What is your favourite thing to do together?
  • Who is his/her best friend ever?
  • What is his/her favourite flavour of ice-cream?
  • How many times did your partner take their driving test?
  • Who’s his/her favourite sports person?
  • What did he/she wear on your first date?
  • What’s his/her favourite song?
  • What is his/her favourite book?
  • Who was his/her best friend growing up?
  • Where does he/she think the most romantic place in the world is?
  • What is his/her favourite clothing brand?
  • What was his/her favourite subject at school?
  • When driving, what is his/her choice of radio station?
  • What was the last movie he/she cried at?
  • What is his/her favourite fast food chain?
  • Who gets the last word in an argument?

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  • After how many dates did you sleep together?
  • Who is most likely to have a homosexual encounter?
  • Who is noisier in bed?
  • What is his/her favourite sexual position?
  • What’s her bra size?
  • Who gives the best oral sex?
  • Who orgasms quickest?
  • Who has the weirdest sexual fantasies?
  • Who watches the most porn?
  • How many sexual partners has he/she had?
  • Is he a leg or breast man?
  • What would he prefer to dress you as for the night?
  • If he/she could have a wild night of passion with any celebrity who would it be?
  • Where’s the riskiest place you’ve had sex?
  • Who is the most sexually adventurous?
  • Where is his/her favourite place to have sex?
  • Who looks the best naked?
  • What is his/her biggest turn off?
  • What is his/her biggest turn on?
  • What was the naughtiest thing he/she ever did?



  • What is his/her most embarrassing moment?
  • Which of your friends do you think she fancies the most?
  • Who’s more likely to deal with a spider?
  • What is his/her most annoying habit?
  • What is his/her best joke?
  • If you compare yourselves to any celebrity couple, who do you think you most compare to?
  • Who swears the most?
  • If he/she had to take one thing to a desert island, what would it be?
  • If he/she could have a superpower what would it be and why?
  • Who has the worst handwriting?
  • If he/she was to lick a food off you, what would it be?
  • Would your partner rather spend an evening out with their parents or your parents?
  • What is his/her guilty pleasure?
  • What’s the most embarrassing thing he/she did in front of your parents?
  • If he/she could only eat one food for the rest of his/her life what would it be?

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